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There are many reasons to rent an RV, renting clearly has the distinction of enabling you to experience a wide variety of brands, models, styles and classes all generated by real world experiences, something RV ownership cannot provide.  There are many people who rent RV’s simply for the convenience and enjoyment an RV can provide, and additionally understand they’re missing all the potential headaches, complications, implications and costs RV ownership can provide.  Can you say; “Simple, Convenient, Secure and Affordable RV storage, one that will helps avoid weather related wear and tear even while it’s parked?” Good luck!  Depreciation is also approximately 20% or more in the first year of ownership.  Unless you’re lucky to find that indoor RV storage, or happen to get the RV relocated to the starting point of that next great vacation, without being cost prohibitive…..well,  you get the idea. Add costly insurance and your evolving RV preferences, that almost every RV’er experiences, and it’s easy to understand why RV Renting is the practical and simple choice for so many.

We are by no means attempting to sully RV ownership. Irrefutably, there are many RV renters that ultimately switch to RV ownership once they realize their appreciation for vacations with an RV, and their preference for the model that suits them best. However, one of the greatest attributes of renting an RV is that you don’t have to rent from the same location every time. If the essence of RVing is the freedom to not be bound by hotels, motels or a departure time, it can all be exponentially enhanced by the additional freedoms afforded by renting an RV from wherever you desire.  Experience different regions of the country, or another country for that matter, with out having to take the long drive to get there.  If you don’t live in California but you want to visit Yosemite National Park, well start your trip in California.  If you want to visit Yellowstone National Park start your trip by renting an RV in Idaho, Wyoming or Montana. Find more time to spend at interesting locations along the way or spend more time at your final destination, it’s all at your disposal with RV Renting.

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